Vibrations Monitoring & Fault Analysis

JM-B-6E on-line vibration monitoring and fault analysis system is high technology product integrating sensor technology. Vibration Monitoring and Fault Analysis System is a high-tech product that integrates sensor techniques, signal processing, computer application, expert system and neural networks.

The system is composed of intelligent data collector, epistasis analysis computer (engineer station), monitoring analysis system software JM-B-6ES and network system. JM-B-6E intelligent data collector is responsible for collection, pre-treatment and data storage of site signal.

Each intelligent data collector has two way spare key phase input and 8-path vibration or analogue quantity input.

JM-B-6Z monitoring protection Device:

This series rotary machinery on-line monitoring protection device is the crystallization of high technology. High intellectualization, parameter setting realize full-panel operation. The device applies module composition structure. Module has single micro processor in it. Each module has 2-level alarm switching value output. Lnput signal: vibration, axial displacement, rotation speed, Differential expansion, off-center, oil level of oil tank and other sensor signals.

JM-B-6C off-line vibration monitoring and fault analysis system:

This is a new generation site test analysis instrument.

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