Transmitter Series

JM-B-3BC vibration transmitter:

is used to transform measured vibration signals into standard current ranged from 4 to 20mA and output it to PLC, DCS or DEH systems. It' s mainly used to measure absolute vibration (bearing vibration) of rotary machinery.

JM-B-3B2 Bearing Vibration Transmitter:

is a single-channel two-wire system transmitter for nuclear power use, applies to vibration monitoring of bearing vibration/bearing pedestal vibration of rotary machinery. It owns anti-radiation, anti-earthquake, anti-high temperature and high pressure , chemical spray of the stream and other performance, and it is applicable to nuclear establishments.

JM-B-33 Integrated Shaft Vibration Transmitter:

is produced by our company's specialized production for vibration of the rotary machinery (ie. shaft vibration).Mainly applies to the measurement of the relative vibration of the rotary machinery(ie shaft vibration),With a 4 -20mA current analog value output, a BUF sync signal output & a switching value output.

JM-B-35 Integrated Bearing Vibration Transmitter:

is used for measuring the bearing bush vibration(absolute vibration) of the rotary machinery, with a standard 4 - 20mA current signal to PLC,DCS,DEH and other systems. The transmitter adopts a two-wire system to make the wiring more easy and convenient.



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