Sensor Series

ZHJ-2 vibration speed sensor:

ZHJ-2 vibration speed sensor converts the vibration signal into electrical one using the magnetic electrical induction principle. It basically consists of magnetic circuit system, coil components, spring-damper and other parts, Measuring method: vertical, horizontal, axial direction.

CWY-DO electric eddy current sensor:

The CWY-DO electric eddy current sensor is consisted of probe and proximitor. There is coil inside the eddy current probe, which makes up of high frequency oscillation circuit together with the oscillation circuit inside the proximitor.

TD and UT series travel route sensor:

TD and UT series travel route sensor is a kind of high performance displacement sensor. It can be used in measuring cylinder expansion of turbine and displacement distance of valve opening. Thanks to its durability and high veracity, it is widely used in many fields.

ZHJ-402 vibration temperature sensor:

ZHJ-402 vibrational temperature sensor consists of vibration velocity sensors and temperature sensor. There are two vibration velocity sensors which are fixed in horizontal and vertical direction.

ZHJ-3D piezoelectric type speed sensor:

ZHJ-3D piezoelectric type speed sensor is used to measure the absolute vibration of the bearing box, shell or structure, for example displacement, speed and so on. It adopts a crystal form, receiving a specialized design based on the piezoelectric acceleration meter, embedded with an integral circuit.

JL-70 Integrated electric eddy current sensor:

JL-70 integrated eddy current sensor is a kind of new high performance eddy current sensor which utilizes surface mount microencapsulation technology.

CS series rotational speed sensor:

This sensor utilizes electromagnetic induction principle to realize speed measuring purpose. Having advantages of large output signal, high anti-interference performance, Used in many bad environments, such as smoke, oil gas, water vapor, and so on.

ZHJ-201 vibration temperature sensor:

Vibration velocity sensor transforms vibration signal to electric signal by using magnetic induction principle. It is made up of magnetic system, coil components, spring damper, and so on.



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