TETRASENTRY – Hydraulic Trip System:

The first quad-redundant, on-line repairable, on-line testable hydraulic trip system independently verified to meet SIL 3.

Quick Trip:

The QuickTrip is an IEC61508 safety certified electro-hydraulic trip block assembly designed for use in gas or steam turbine shutdown systems for quick and reliable dumping of the turbine’s trip oil header. This trip block assembly’s 2-out of-3 voting design provides users with a high level of system reliability as well as compliance with industry standards like API- 670, API-612, and API-611.

TripCon trip blocks:

A TripCon is an electrohydraulic safety control unit. It directly regulates the hydraulic cylinder that actuates the trip valve.The structure is triple modular redundant with a 2-out-of-3 voting (2oo3). A high flow rate allows very short trip times. All the solenoid valves can be isolated from the hydraulic system.

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