Voith EMA Electromechanical Actuator:

The EMA electromechanical actuator is a linear and oil-free actuator. It is mounted to the control valve and actuates it directly. The control variable is the strokes of the piston rod. The rod position feedback is integrated into the drive.

Woodward EML-100:

The EML-100 electric actuator provides highly accurate, closed loop position control of steam and fuel valves that require a linear operator with up to 445 N (100 lb) of force and a stroke length between 13 and 38 mm (0.5 and 1.5 inches). This actuator is used with the Woodward EM digital driver.

Woodward ProAct Digital Plus:

The ProAct Digital Plus is an all-electric actuator that is mounted on-engine, to control varying functions. The actuator is effectively a positioner with an integral driver, which will accept a position command signal from another device in the system such as a speed control. This actuator includes an integral digital driver capable of controlling the actuator and of communicating with the outside control system. It contains onboard software and intelligence to realize monitoring and customizing functions.

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