INI Series

Product Name: INI Series –Quarter Turn/ Linear/Multi Turn


Power: 220V, 380V


INI series are the terminal control device of industry process measure and control system. INI series can convert the system control signal into output device travel (quarter turn, multi-turn and linear travel) output torque or force to control the closure device position of the valve or other regulating mechanism, make the medium work as stipulated in the system.

INI series can complete transformation from "manually" to "automatic". When the electric actuator is placed in the "manual" position, it can be remote operated by manipulator.

Quarter turn electric actuator is used to drive 90 degree turn valves such as butterfly valves, ball valves, louver valve, and ventilation door, plug valve, baffle valve, etc.

Linear travel electric actuator is used to drive single-seat or double-seat regulating valve, sleeve valve, high temperature high pressure or water supply and heating water regulating valves.

Multi-turn electric actuator is used to drive gate valve and other regulating valves need multi-turn.

INI series are safe and reliable with various types and specifications, high accuracy, complete functions, light weight, convenient assembling, debugging, operating and maintaining. INI series comply with modern international standards. INI series are widely used for energy, metallurgy, petroleum, light industry, chemical industry, construction materials industry, etc. INI series bring the important effect into

Technical Data

  1. Input signal:DC4mA ~ 20mA or DC1V ~ 5V; On-off value (passive dry contact); onsite bus-mastering.
  2.  Output signal:  4mA ~ 20mA or DC1V ~ 5V; On-off value (passive dry contact); onsite bus-mastering.
  3. Input passageway quantityIntegral type 2,  Disconnect type 3
  4. Fundamental error:  ±0.5%; ±1%; ±2.5%;
  5. Return difference:≤0.5%; ≤1%; ≤1.5%;
  6. Blind spot:  ≤0.5%; ≤1%; ≤3%;
  7. Damping characteristics:  No swing
  8. Mains input: Single-phase 220V +10% or -15%; 50 Hz±1%

            Triphase:  380V±10%; 50 HZ±1%   Harmonic content: <5%

9.  Work environment: Temperature: -10 degree ~ + 55 degree; -25 degree ~ + 70 degree

                   Humidity: 95% max. air do not contain corrosively media.

                   Manipulator and servo amplifier: 10%-70%

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