INC Series



Power: 220V, 380V


INC series electric actuator is researched and developed by our company adopt the latest technology. Integrated the world's leading technology, is today's industrial, building automation development trend.

INC series electric actuator application and function introduction

Since INC series electric actuator enters the markets, is a kind of "intelligent" non-invasive electric actuator. The series adopt much latest function, such as operation historical data record and inked setting instead of traditional mechanical setting.

INC Series is absorbed with world's similar products advanced technologies: optimizing integration design and development high intelligent products, while the product performance is enhanced.

The multiple-language text display in which the package can upload unlimited content screen

 The user can also download the executor data log file (so that with the non-intrusive, native-type INC Actuator Setup tool attached to the device).To facilitate the overall management of equipment assets, but also can use free Windows operating system monitors valves and execute with application INC-insight


Technical Data

  1. Input signal:DC4mA ~ 20mA or DC1V ~ 5V; On-off value (passive dry contact); onsite bus-mastering.


  1.  Output signal:  4mA ~ 20mA or DC1V ~ 5V; On-off value (passive dry contact); onsite bus-mastering.


  1. Fundamental error:  ±0.5%; ±1%; ±2.5%;


  1. Return difference:≤0.5%; ≤1%; ≤1.5%;


  1. Blind spot:  ≤0.5%; ≤1%; ≤3%;


  1. Damping characteristics:  No swing


  1. Mains input: Single-phase 220V +10% or -15%; 50 Hz±1%

              Triphase:  380V±10%; 50 HZ±1%  Harmonic content: <5%   

8.   Work environment: Temperature: -10 degree ~ + 55 degree; -25 degree ~ + 70 degree

                   Humidity: 95% max. air do not contain corrosively media.


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