CHZ Series

Product Name: CHZ Series Linear Type Electrical Actuator

Power:  220V

CHZ series linear electric actuator is the execution unit of automatic regulating system; it receives 4-20mA analog signals from the regulator or computer, output thrust, automatic control of regulating structure to complete the adjustment task. Linear electric actuator output linear displacement, Control all kinds of linear displacement regulating valve, sleeve valve, widely used in power station, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, building materials, light industry and water treatment etc.


Main Technical Performance

1. Input Signal: 4-20ma;0-10ma


2. Position Indicator: 4-20mA


3 .Input Channel Resistance: 250Ω;  200Ω


4. Input Channel Number: 1(Individual Type 3)


5. Basic Error: ±2.5%


6. Return Difference: ±1.5%


7. Dead Zone: 1%-3%


8. Damping Characteristics: No Swinging


9 .Power:  220V/50HZ


10. Environment Temperature: Integral Type: -10 C -+50 C; Individual Type:-25 C -+70C


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