CHS Series

Product Name: CHS Series Intelligent Type Quarter Turn Electrical Actuator

Power 415V

CHS Series Type Intelligent Integration Electrical Actuator new digital control circuited actuator.

      CHS-type rotary electric actuator  unit in the instrument cluster execution unit, which accepts adjusting unit (or computer) signal, automatically adjusting the steering actuator to complete the task, widely used in power plants, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, building materials, heating, light industry, water treatment and other industries. It can output torque and 90-degree angle.

    CHS electric actuator, with a variety of electric operator can adjust the system to complete the "Manual ← → Auto" switch without disturbance, in a timely manner to be adjusted manually distant objects.

We  produced the actuator position transmitter are using the latest sensing element, the circuit reference to the latest foreign company, set power transformer, rectifier, regulator, amplifier, constant current one, made of modules (M) so that the actuator reliability and stability, making the system more secure.

Main Technical Performance

1.Input Signal: Switch Signal

2 .Input Channels: Three

3.Input Resistance: Type Ⅱ 200Ω; Ⅲ Type 250Ω

4.Output Signal: Type Ⅱ 0-10ma, DC; Ⅲ Type 4-20ma, DC

5. Output Shaft 100 ± 20 Times Per Revolution Minutes

6.Output Shaft Angle: 90 degree

7 .Dead: Type Ⅱ ≤150μa; Ⅲ Type ≤240μa

8. Resistance Nits Output Shaft Oscillation Frequency Does Not Exceed The "Three And A       Half" Cycle

9.Basic Error:
 ± 2.5%

10.Hysteresis: 1.5%

11. Power Supply Voltage: 415V  (+ 22V, -33V) 50Hz

12.Ambient Temperature: Amplifiers: 0 ~ + 50 ℃; Actuators: -25 ~ + 55 ℃

13.Ambient Relative Humidity: Amplifiers: 10% To 70%, Actuator: ≤95%



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