CHJ Series

Product Name: CHJ Series Intelligent Type Quarter Turn Electrical Actuator

Power 220V

CHJ series electric actuator unit combination detection, regulating instrument's execution unit. It receives the signal of adjust or change unit, automatically complete the adjustment task. Widely used in power plant, metallurgy, chemical, petroleum, building materials, light industry, water treatment urban construction and other industrial sectors. Electric manipulator, Achievable regulating system manually or automatically switches. Position transmitter uses a new sensor element, novel design, constant-current characteristic, the output current accuracy and reliability are much higher than the differential transformer. In recent years, with the rapid development of component technology, now actuator has adopted modular replace of discrete component structure, its reliability and stability are more than the original structure, it has the advantages of earthquake resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. The terminal electronic limit switch is configured to meet the needs of user adjustment, except explosion-proof type.



Main Technical Performance

1. Output Signal: II Type 0-10ma,DC; III Type 4-20ma,DC


2. Input Channel: Three


3. Input Resistance: II Type 200Ω; III Type 250Ω


4. Output Axis Per Rotation Time: 100±20sec.


 5. Effective Angle of Output Shaft: 90°


6. Dead Zone: II Type≤150μa; III Type 240μa


7. Number of Output Axis Oscillations Is No More Than Three And A Half Cycles


8. Basic Error: ±2.5%


9. Return Difference: 1.5%


10. Power: 220V +22V~-33V.; 50HZ


11. Temperature: Amplifier 0~+50 ; Actuator:-25~+70


12. Ambient Humidity: Amplifier 10%~70%; Actuator: ≤95%

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