CHA Series

Product Name: CHA Series Intelligent Type Multi Turn Electrical Actuator

Power: 415V


CHA intelligent multi-turn electric actuator can be utilized on gate valve, globe valve, diaphragm

Valves, plunger valve, throttle valve, water gate, etc. Both rising stem valves and non-rising stem

valves are available. Used to open, close or modulate valves. The actuator is indispensable for the remote control, centralized control or self-control of the valves. This versatile device features are small size, light weight, reliable performance, advanced control system and ease of maintenance; which allows for a wide range of use in many industries like petroleum and chemical industries, power stations, metallurgy, water treatment and paper-making industries.

CHA intelligent multi-turn electric actuator according to explosion-proof class are divided into :

outdoor type and explosion-proof type; According to the control mode are divided into: standard

type, switch type and adjusting type; According to the connection mode are divided into: torque type, power station type and thrust type.

 Main Technical Performance

1. Power Source : Normal three-phase 380V (50Hz) three-phase three-wire system or three-phase four-wire system. Special orders three-phase 415V 50Hz;


2. Temperature: -20C~ +60C (special orders -40C ~+80C).


3. Relative Humidity: ≤95% (when 25C).


4. Surrounding Mediums: The outdoor type is used for environment free of combustible, explosive and corrosive mediums; The explosion-proof products include dIBT4 and dIIBT4; dIBT4 is suitable for the coal mine where no excavating face; and dIIBT4 can be applied in the factories, where the explosive gases mixture meets the requirements for the Environment (IIA, IIB T1-T4 group).


5. Protection Class : IP65. Special orders - IP67 or IP68.


6. Operation Rule: Only 10 minutes at a stretch (special orders 30 minutes).

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